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Christopher C Chang MD Reviews

Dr. Christopher C. Chang is a Board-Certified plastic surgeon who specializes in facial and cosmetic surgery. He has advanced degrees and training from some of the most selective universities in the country. After receiving his bachelors degree from Harvard University, he attended the NYU School of Medicine. While in New York, he worked at the Institute for Reconstructive Plastic Surgery under the direction of world-renowned faculty. Dr. Chang then completed a 6-year residency in Plastic Surgery at Yale University and later a fellowship in advanced craniofacial surgery for adults and children at the Johns Hopkins Hospital/University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center.

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"I have never felt so confident. Dr. Chang completely changed how I saw myself in the mirror. I was terribly self conscious of my nose from my youth and finally decided to go through with the surgery. Not only was it inexpensive compared to the other three doctors I contacted, the before and after pictures of patients were also much better looking than the others! The whole process of surgery and recovery was quick and pretty much painless. I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting cosmetic surgery. It really made me a happier person."

Review Verified on 8/31/2018
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"My son was in a terrible accident with most of the bones in his face and skull broken... I don't know what I would have done without Dr Chang!! My son is fully recovered and back to his old self again. I love Dr Chang, he will be in my prayers for the rest of my life. Thank you!"

Review Verified on 4/29/2016
"I cannot say enough about my surgery with Dr. Chang! I had full facial Rejuvenation including a facelift brow lift and upper eyelids done 4 months ago. I also had a chemical peel to my lower eyelids and mouth. They was barely any pain and i was back to work the next week! I am so thrilled and my friends are so impressed. I cannot say enough about my experience! He is both caring and an amazing surgeon! Thank you so much!"

Review Verified on 4/17/2016
"Dr. Chang did my rhinoplasty about 8 weeks ago and he was brilliant. I was an incredibly nervous patient who contemplated a rhinoplasty for 10 years and decided to take the leap after much thought and many consultations. I was looking for the following criteria: 1) To still look like myself; 2) Find a skilled surgeon with the vision to reshape my nose appropriately to fit my face; and 3) Find a surgeon who heard me. Dr. Chang impressed me out of the gate. He listened to all of my concerns and spent so much time with my during the consultation process. It is clear that he takes great pride in making his patients happy and seeing great outcomes! The surgery felt super quick and was a good experience overall. The nurses at the outpatient center were top notch and made me feel completely comfortable. Dr. Chang spent time talking with my husband following the surgery, checked in with me, and made himself available to answer any questions following surgery. The recovery was also relatively painless. I had essentially no pain and while bruising peaked within 24 hours, it improved drastically each day. I was back to work (from home and off video) within 4 days and was able to cover bruises easily with makeup 9 days after the surgery. Bruising was totally gone within 2 weeks. Like other patients, I had a lot of anxiety about what people would think - too vain, frivolous expense, etc. I’m happy to say that the results are beautiful, completely natural and not a single person has said anything to me about it. I was very private about having the surgery because I only did it for myself, so a natural result was my ultimate goal. The entire experience and outcome was everything I hoped for and I cannot thank Dr. Chang enough! He is a true pro and I recommend 100% without reservation!"

Review Verified on 9/28/2018
"I went to Dr. Chang to correct the damage done to my breasts from pregnancy and breastfeeding. He went above and beyond to make me comfortable and to explain exactly what the procedures (lift + implants) would entail. He was extremely responsive and truly understood the look that I was trying to achieve - full, natural for my frame, and with minimal scarring. I'm only two days out from surgery and I'm already loving my results. I am so glad that I chose Dr. Chang to restore my chest to its pre-baby appearance. I actually think they are going to be better than they ever were before I had kids!"

Review Verified on 1/7/2017
"Amazing practice; Great physician; Great staff. - Initial consult was great, Dr. answered all my questions and spent lots of time with me. He gave me alternatives to surgery and other items. - Prior to procedure, nurses and hospital called and gave me good instructions on what to do. - Day of - Innova hospital was great. Dr. Chang came to talk to me before and explained again everything and we talked. Always made me feel comfortable. He even went above and beyond and did slightly more work. - COST was amazing and well-priced with other procedures. - VS. other practices, much better: Made alternative suggestions, cost was better, Physician just seemed more knowledgeable, down-to-earth, and friendly."

Review Verified on 1/7/2017
"I was referred to Dr. Chang by my Moh's surgeon who had to preform a radical excision of tissue from my nose due to an aggressive squamous cell carcinoma invasion. It left me with a significant wound extending from the dorsum to the tip and partial sidewalls of the nose that had to be closed as soon as possible. Besides the extensive loss of tissue, my case was made more complicated by my having CLL--reduced immune system, myelodysplastic syndrome--severe anemia, and low platelet count--thrombocytopenia. I was fortunate to have Dr. Chang take on my challenging case. At my preop, Dr. Chang explained carefully what he planned to do. He described the methodology to me and answered all my questions (and I ask a lot of questions!). I have had two surgeries to date, one to perform the paramedian flap procedure, and the second to sever the flap and accomplish some additional sculpting. The results to date are amazing; it is difficult to tell that my forehead had been cut open to obtain the necessary tissue to cover the extensive nose wound. My nose will require additional surgeries to achieve satisfactory form, fit and function partly due to the fact that Dr. Chang had to leave some excess tissue in the event that I required any radiation oncology procedures which shrinks tissue. Fortunately, I will not require the radiation treatment due to the outstanding work of the Moh's surgeon to remove all the invasive cancer cells and leave clean margins. Dr. Chang verified this result by excising several tissue samples from the lateral margins for pathological analysis during my first surgery . I really appreciated this double check which put my mind at ease that there were no remaining cancer cells in the operative area. I am very confident that Dr. Chang will leave me with a reconstructed nose that will be functionally sound and aesthetically pleasing and difficult to discern from my original nose--very impressive indeed! I expect people will not even know that I had undergone such a major nose reconstruction due to the work of Dr. Chang. My overall evaluation of Dr. Chang is that he is an outstanding surgeon with a great future. He was educated in some of the premier medical institutions in the country; he is well organized, fully competent, thorough, pays attention to detail, and has an extremely pleasant manner that promotes confidence in his patients. I am also impressed that Dr. Chang finds the time to perform charitable work by correcting facial/cranial deformities of children in poor and underdeveloped countries. My family, friends, former colleagues, and my physicians (I see a lot of doctors due to my numerous medical problems) all are following my progress and are quite impressed with what Dr. Chang has accomplished. Superb work Dr. Chang! A word too about the staff and facility. All of the personnel in this office are outstanding--courteous, and professional, from the receptionists who schedule appointments and welcome you upon arrival, to the outstanding nurses who assist Dr. Chang. I am even impressed with the dress code required of the staff. The facility is bright, roomy, and kept to very high cleanliness standards--so important to a medical office. In summary, I would recommend anyone who requires major reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery to go to this office."

Review Verified on 11/8/2016
"I had a consultation with two other surgeons before I met Dr. Chang. I always wanted a breast augmentation done but didn't want to rush so I took my time finding the best doctor in this area. Some doctors will put in whatever cc's you ask for just to please you and that's exactly what my second doctor wanted to do. I am very petite and the size I thought I wanted would have been too extreme for my figure. Dr. Chang and his nurse Kelly not only made me feel extremely comfortable but they listened to what I wanted and explained every single step. Dr. Chang has his 24 hour recovery program which definitely helped me tremendously. I got my surgery on Thursday and was back to my normal routine by Saturday. If you do what he says, you will see the results. I thought my boobs were going to be up extremely high the first week but mine looked perfect and now that it dropped a bit, no one can tell I got a boob job... I mean my boobs definitely went from 32A to 32DD but because i healed so quickly and my boobs were not up to my chin, they just looked like my real boobs. It still looks so natural and I love it! My friends sister also got hers done somewhere else and even after a month, her boobs are still up very high. I knew Dr. Chang was my doctor after my first consultation and I booked my surgery after a week. I am extremely happy with the results and thankful for Dr. Chang and his crew! His nurse, Kelly was absolutely fantastic throughout the whole process, calling to check on me after my surgery and answering all of my questions! A huge thank you to Dr. Chang and Kelly!!!"

Review Verified on 11/5/2016
"I am so grateful that I chose Dr. Chang to perform my rhinoplasty in September. Dr. Chang uses a perfect balance of professionalism, talent, compassion, and humor to help patients feel comfortable and confident in the weeks leading up to surgery. Most impressively, Dr. Chang remained extremely available and responsive to all of my questions in the days and weeks following my surgery. It is rare to find such a committed physician, and he never made me feel like my questions were insignificant. Most importantly, I'm beyond happy with my end results. I am 1 month post surgery, and I can see a significant change in the look of my nose, and it's getting better each day. It has been easy to schedule follow up visits with the doctor and his nursing team has also been a great support. I would 100% recommend Dr. Chang to friends, family, and anyone looking for an excellent plastic surgeon. I plan to see Dr. Chang for any other cosmetic procedures I pursue in the future."

Review Verified on 10/28/2016
"Our recent experience with Dr. Chang was outstanding. He performed an otoplasty on our 6 year old son and exceeded our expectations professionally and personally. Upon meeting Dr. Chang we immediately felt at easy about making what, we felt like, was a very difficult decision. He was attentive, informative, and never made us feel rushed during our consultation with detailed explanation of the procedure and levels of healing. At the hospital Dr. Chang made all of us feel calm and comfortable before surgery. We were updated during the 2 hour procedure. Immediately following the surgery, Dr. Chang summarized the surgical procedure and showed us pictures of the results (that would be bandaged when we saw our son in recovery). Recovery was a bit difficult for my son and although Dr. Chang had already left the hospital, he came back just to check on him and assess the situation. Dr. Chang was accessible during the entire recovery time. The first night home we spoke on the phone several times (even in the middle of the night). We had never encountered a doctor with such an attentive bedside manner. The entire experience provided excellent surgical results for my son, boosting his confidence. Dr. Chang was always supportive and gave us immediate feedback. We are truly grateful for his expertise and demeanor."

Review Verified on 8/9/2016
"If more stars could be given, I would have no hesitation in making sure that everyone thinking about surgery wtih Dr. Chang will be confident of an excellent result that clearly exceeded my expectations. Pictures speak a thousand words but everything on my "wish" list (keep it natural, raise the brow in select areas, achieve a clearly visible improvement) was easily met and the result is a very happy patient that is happy to strongly recommend Dr. Chang. In fact, I have to say that in his care, I felt that his scrupulous attention to detail, his surgical approach and comprehensive answers meant that I had full confidence in his abilities. Dr. Chang made it a thoroughly enjoyable procedure and from the moment I entered the office (to a very warm and welcoming receptionist) through procedure planning, the actual operation and then the follow-up care demonstrated a true dedication to patient care and satisfaction. I honestly did not think (given my age and a previous surgery) that I could realistically get my ideal result - but Dr. Chang delivered a result that blew past every possible and hoped-for outcome. Every question was answered, the instructions before and after surgery were easy to follow and explained fully, and I benefited from and greatly appreciated his superlative surgical skill-set. Dr. Chang always took the time that the patient needed to understand all aspects of the procedure and I will enjoy the benefits of his work in the years to come. I have told all my friends, so I do hope others will consider and meet with Dr. Chang. He was in fact the only surgeon recommended by my dermatologist of many years and she was 100% correct in directing me to his door."

Review Verified on 8/1/2016
"THANK YOU DR CHANG AND STAFF: After breast feeding my second baby eighteen years ago, myself confidence hit a all time low because my breasts sagged badly. I no longer felt sexy and became very self conscious about my appearance and would only wear conservative, non sexy clothing. I weren't able to express myself through fashion as gravity often step in causing wardrobe malfunction as my breasts would often find themselves out of the bra. After years of contemplating breast augmentation and to remove the bags under my eyes. I final sermon the courage to do something about it and that's when my friend referred me to Dr Christopher Chang. As this was a big decision for me, I was very anxious but Dr Chang made me feel at ease with the decision, I was about to make. In doing so, he carried out a detailed assessment and enquired about my reasoning for wanting the surgery (making clear his ethical stance). At the end of my consultation, I felt I was making an informed decision and that Dr Chang was the person I would trust to carry out the procedure. He educated me of the pros and cons and of any possible risks involved. The office offered excellent pre and post surgery care and guidance. On the day of my surgery I was greeted by a very pleasant Dr Chang, who went over the final details of my procedure which was reassuring. Following my procedure, Dr Chang kept in frequent contact to check on my progress/recovery and returned my calls immediately, if I had a question. This made my recovery after the procedure manageable. When I first, saw my 'identical twins', I almost dropped; the babies looked so beautiful and prefect. My confidence hit the roof; I felt like twenty one again"

Review Verified on 7/31/2016
"I want to give Dr. Chang and his staff a shout-out for the amazing work they have done for me. I was first referred to Dr. Chang by a good friend of mine as he was highly recommended. I had been considering having a breast augmentation for several years, so when I heard they were hosting a meet-and-greet with the doctors at their Fairfax office, I knew I had to attend. After meeting with Dr. Chang and the staff, I knew I was ready to set up an official consultation! At the consultation, both Dr. Chang and his nurse were a wealth of knowledge. They both made me feel extremely comfortable and I felt confident in their hands. When I decided to proceed, I came in for my pre-op appointment where I then tried on different implant sizes to determine what would be the best fit for my body. We decided that 275 ccs would be perfect for me since I am petite. The day of surgery, I was a little nervous but also very excited. Everyone at the hospital was very attentive and had remarkable bedside manners. When I came out of surgery, I had no pain and no discomfort. I felt slight pressure, which was to be expected, but overall I was surprisingly very comfortable. After surgery, I began my “24-hour recovery”. A few hours after being home and resting, Dr. Chang called to check up on me, which I thought, “wow what a thoughtful doctor!” The very next day I went out to lunch with my friend and walked around the mosaic without any discomfort. I never once had to take any pain medicine as I didn’t feel it was needed. The healing process took no time at all, and I was back to work within a few days. I am so in love with my results and my confidence has skyrocketed! My new breasts look and feel so natural, and they are exactly what I was hoping for! I am very pleased with my experience from start to finish and am absolutely thrilled. Thank you so much Dr. Chang, you have definitely boosted my confidence!"

Review Verified on 7/16/2016
"Dr. Chang and his staff are amazing! Three years ago I considered getting a breast augmentation, however, 1 week before surgery, I canceled because I was entirely too nervous. Here I am now approximately 1 month post op and couldn't be happier. When I went in for my consultation with Dr. Chang, I felt extremely comfortable. He was very realistic, precise, and generally concerned/wanted the best for me. He and his staff are not only knowledgeable and skilled but also friendly and easy to talk to. On the day of my surgery, both Dr. Chang and his nurse called me to check how I was doing. I was offered the opportunity to be on the 24 hour recovery program and I don't regret a single painful minute of it. I highly recommend Dr. Chang and his staff. The people are wonderful and the office is well maintained."

Review Verified on 7/6/2016
"Four weeks ago I had abdominoplasty and breast augmentation procedures with Dr. Chang. I am over the moon with the amazing natural and subtle results of his artistry. He is a gifted surgeon. He made the entire process from pre-op to recovery a very positive experience. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Chang. I unequivocally would recommend him for any cosmetic procedures you may be considering. He has a wonderful bedside manner very engaging and informative always. He makes you feel you are his only patient never rushed or hurried. His upbeat and positive outlook are so refreshing. It’s truly a pleasure to be his patient. Nurse Kelly is such an asset to the team. She throughly prepares you for each step of the surgical process. Her expertise is very helpful and appreciated. The office staff are friendly, caring and efficient. I wholeheartedly endorse the practice of Dr. Dufresne and Dr. Chang!!"

Review Verified on 7/5/2016
"I went to see Doctor Chang for a lip augmentation about a month ago. I have always had a really full bottom lip, but super thin upper lip with not much definition. Doctor Chang used Juvederm Ultra to make very subtle changes to my upper lip, making it more defined. My cupids bow is now visible! My lips look SO natural that many people do not even notice unless I tell them, which in my opinion is good thing! Doctor Chang is amazing, he made the procedure painless and actually enjoyable/fun. Prior to this, I was very nervous to try lip fillers. After meeting with Doctor Chang I realized I was nervous over nothing! I honestly could not have had a better experience."

Review Verified on 5/13/2016
"I'm OBSESSED!!!! Obsessed with Dr Chang, nurse Kelly, all the office staff, but MY OH MY the RESULTS!!! Dr Chang is a true artist! I've been telling everyone I know about him and his awesome work. You won't find a better surgeon, even in Beverly Hills! He can literally give liquid facelifts with botox, does perfect contouring with filler, is very conservative with his approach. You know you are in the best hands with him and his caring staff. Nurse Kelly is always available to answer questions on recovery and you know she's seen it all so she will even give you sound advice on the latest and greatest in products and procedures. Let me also say that I am in pharmaceutical sales, I am in and out of every single plastic surgery office all over the DMV and this is the top practice in the entire area. The office is always busy, super high standards, only offers the best products, has best in class surgeons. They are THE BEST. I would only ever trust these doctors, and Dr Chang is "IT" for me!"

Review Verified on 5/12/2016
"I was very fortunate to have Dr. Chang treat me at Suburban Hospital's ER. I arrived at the ER with a severe head laceration in the front forehead area. Immediately upon meeting Dr. Chang, my anxiety level dropped dramatically. He calmly explained the extent of my injury and what he was going to do with closing the wound. His skill and caring manner became apparent very quickly. After the procedure, I visited his office within a couple of days due to my concern that the wound was ok and not infected. He again demonstrated a great deal of concern and professionalism, which quickly reassured me everything was fine. Within a week, I again visited his office to have my suitures removed and again was very impressed with how caring and skillful he was. His office staff was also very patient friendly. This was a major laceration and I was very surprised and delighted with how well it has healed with very little scaring. I would greatly recommend Dr. Chang and I am sure his skill and caring as Plastic Surgeon is second to none."

Review Verified on 4/27/2016
"This is a rare pleasure for me to write a review that is 100% positive. My daughter had an accident which required stitches on her nose. Dr. Chang was at the hospital tending to his "smile" kids when he so graciously agreed to work on her. He turned out to be the "poster boy" for the perfect doctor! He demonstrated a gentle bedside manner and an unruffled composure in dealing with my daughter, the patient as well as that of her totally stressed out mother. His knowledge about the procedure was amazing, he put both of us quickly at ease by explaining in detail what he was going to do. After one week, the scar was barely visible and now after a few is impossible to even detect where on her nose the stitches were. I simply can't praise Dr. Chang highly enough after seeing the results on my daughter. He absolutely, without a doubt did a perfect job...........THANK YOU DR. CHANG!!!!!!"

Review Verified on 4/1/2016
"My almost 6 month daughter has plagiocephaly so we met with Dr. Chang for his opinion and expertise. He gave us his undivided attention during our consultation. After the consult, he gave me his business card and said I could contact him if I had further questions. Of course, I had more questions so I emailed him that night and he emailed me back within 45 minutes! I REALLY appreciate individuals who are responsive to my concerns and questions via email or phone. I have seen many different doctors over the year (ob-gyns, pediatricians, specialists, etc.) and I have never had such great follow-up as I did with Dr. Chang. When I had a question about insurance, he followed up with that issue immediately as well since his office manager was out of the office. I would definitely recommend Dr. Chang for a great bedside manner, expertise, professionalism, and responsiveness!"

Review Verified on 3/31/2016
"10 stars is not enough for Dr. Chang - he's off the charts. Dr. Chang fixed my broken nose and stitched my face up so well, no one can even see the scar only a few months later. Dr. Chang has a calming and confident demeanor, so despite being in the er with a bleeding head wound, I was able to relax knowing I was in the hands of an expert surgeon. He is truly a master at his job and I recommend him to everyone I know."

Review Verified on 3/31/2016
"Dr. Chang came highly recommended- and did not disappoint! He was friendly, patient, took time to explain things, very responsive, and I felt really comfortable with him and his entire office. My procedure was pain free and I'm so happy with the results. I'll definitely be going to back to Dr. Chang in the future!"

Review Verified on 3/21/2016
"I had a consultation with Dr. Chang on Friday, March 11, 2016 for a breast augmentation. Dr. Chang was very attentive and heard out all of my questions and concerns. He asked what I wanted my breasts to look like post surgery which made me very comfortable. After analyzing my measurements we discussed the size of implants to be used. Dr. Chang explained the no-touch technique he uses, which reduces some of the risks associated with the surgery. He also said I would be a candidate for the 24 hr recovery process which is very appealing to me, given my busy schedule. I am confident that Dr. Chang will help me achieve the look that I've been dreaming of for years. This is my fourth consultation and I've finally found the doctor I trust to perform this surgery. All of my worries have been put to rest and I cannot wait to go ahead with the surgery with Dr. Chang."

Review Verified on 3/18/2016
"Dr. Chang is the best cosmetic surgeon I've come across. I thoroughly trust him and his work is absolutely impeccable. Besides being a talented and professional surgeon, he is so friendly with a great sense of humor, and no matter how small your concern is he takes it just as seriously, listens, and offers his advice. His office is the opposite of an intimidating plastic surgery practice- everyone is so friendly, easy going, and makes you feel very comfortable. I've recommended him to so many friends already!"

Review Verified on 3/16/2016
"I went to Dr. Chang to fix my ear lobe after an earring was ripped out. He was not only accommodating to my schedule but also highly skilled and diligent at what does. It's been 3 months since I've had it repaired and my ear looks amazing. When I tell people what happened, they can't even tell that I had any trauma to my ear. I work at a hospital and the doctors I work with all say he did a great job. I highly recommend going to Dr. Chang. You will be extremely satisfied with his work!!"

Review Verified on 3/16/2016
"When calling for an appointment it's quick and efficient. The staff at the front desk always have a smile. Everyone in the clinical side makes us feel like family and Dr Chang has changed our lives with my daughters mandibular distraction and cleft palate surgery. My overall experience has been excellent and I'm happy that I found you guys"
"When calling for an appointment it's quick and efficient. The staff at the front desk always have a smile. Everyone in the clinical side makes us feel like family and Dr Chang has changed our lives with my daughters mandibular distraction and cleft palate surgery. My overall experience has been excellent and I'm happy that I found you guys"

Review Verified on 12/4/2018
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"We loved your service a lot. You were all very helpful for us in our journey with the surgery. My daughter is doing great now after surgery."

Review Verified on 12/2/2018
"I received an injury to my face that left me heartbroken and desperate to find the best plastic surgeon to repair it with minimal long-term damage and scarring. I am so glad I found Dr. Chang. Because of the time-sensitivity to stitch up the wound, Dr. Chang and his staff stayed later than normal business hours and kept me calm, reassured, and positive the whole time (a level of service that remained consistent with all my following appointments). The wound required an extremely delicate attention to detail and expertise of facial nerves, and Dr. Chang exceeded my expectations on how well it could be repaired. Even all my family and friends in the medical field were amazed and impressed with the precision of his work! Dr. Chang is not only extremely skilled, but he is friendly, supportive, and very kind – all traits you want in a doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Chang and plan to continue going to him for any future needs. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Dr. Chang for working so hard to heal my injury and restore my confidence."

Review Verified on 9/5/2017
"Dr. Chang is a warm and highly capable doctor. I was very pleased with tha service I received and delighted with the results."

Review Verified on 7/31/2017
"Love my lips! Dr. Chang was very attentive to what I wanted and made sure I was comfortable through the whole experience! His staff was welcoming and all around they took great care of me. I will definitely be coming back to get my lips touched up and recommend his practice to friends!"

Review Verified on 7/31/2017
"I had a great experience with DR Chang. He was extremely friendly, made me feel so comfortable and calmed my nerves successfully, since I was naturally freaking out as a first timer. It didn't really hurt much at all! My lips are now the perfect size and I'm Extremely happy. It's been 5 days now so the bruising and discoloration is still very much visible, but with a little lipstick I've been totally fine. Definitely looking forward to when those symptoms dissipate but overall everything's amazing. Thanks Dr Chang!!"

Review Verified on 3/29/2017
"My experience with Dr. Chang and his team was exemplary from start to finish. He ensured that I was informed and confident in every part of the process leading up to and following my procedure. His individual approach coupled with his welcoming staff and personality were the deciding factors in my choice to move forward with such a life changing experience. Thanks to Dr. Chang and his fantastic colleagues, I feel more beautiful than I thought possible. Excellent work from excellent people!! Thank you!!"

Review Verified on 3/28/2017
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"My husband had a cyst that was supposed to be a simple removal procedure. It was very deep and much more complicated to remove than initially diagnosed by a dermatologist. Dr. Chang and his support staff spent much time and effort to safely remove the entire cyst intact. His care and concern for his patient's best interest and health are exceptional. This was our second experience with Dr. Chang after my husband had a skin graft. He is a consummate professional and his integrity and personal manner are outstanding."

Review Verified on 2/7/2017
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"Dr.Chang was very helpful and made me feel very comfortable whenever I voiced a concern of mine. I know that I have found my doctor as any others I have gone to did not give me the sense of security that Dr.Chang provided for me."

Review Verified on 10/10/2016
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"My team of doctors (Drs. Hafner, Chang, Jang, and Venna) from the Melanoma Center were FANTASTIC!! Each doctor took the time to carefully explain the necessary surgical procedures involved. They listened to my concerns and questions. I felt that I was in excellent hands and trusted their professional expertise. Dr. Chang was also very thoughtful in the attention and concern on my post-surgery progress. I highly recommend this team of doctors without question!!"

Review Verified on 6/29/2016
"Went in for a consultation and felt Dr. Chang did an amazing job giving me a thorough explanation for my questions and options regarding surgery."

Review Verified on 12/11/2018
"Dr. Chang is simply the BEST!! Always there when you need him. Very professional, understanding, and caring! BEST doctor in the VA area!!"

Review Verified on 12/3/2018
"I am very happy with my breast implant. Dr. Chang is AWESOME & very knowledgeable! He looks out what is best for his client. Office staffs are very helpful with follow-ups. Yes, I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Chang. I can’t thank you enough for what he has done for me."

Review Verified on 9/10/2018
"Dr. Chang was super professional and did an amazing job. My lips look fantastic!"

Review Verified on 8/22/2018
"Dr. Chang used Voluma to augment my chin. The projection helped to harmonize my face and helped my side profile look even and natural. The filler was painless, chin was a bit tender for a day or so, but nothing after that. Best investment for my face so far. Dr. Chang was very professional and made the whole appointment very relaxing and fun. Would highly recommend!"

Review Verified on 3/3/2018
"I visited Dr. Chang to have my tear troughs (undereyes) filled. I was super scared of the potential bruising and that everyone would know I had “work done” because of it. Thanks to Dr. Chang’s gentle injections and use of numbing cream that also helped prevent bruising, I had only two little tiny dot bruises that were unnoticeable with make up. I now look much more rested and I’m feeling so confident. Dr. Chang started slow with just one syringe of Vobella and two weeks later with a second. This allowed us to see where I needed more after some swelling went down, so as not to overdo it. I’m really happy with the results. I’ve also had Dr. Chang do some mid-cheek sculpting with filler and he’s done and amazing job keeping it natural but noticeable. It’s been a great experience working with him."

Review Verified on 11/6/2017
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