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Christopher C Chang MD Reviews

Dr. Christopher C. Chang is a Board-Certified plastic surgeon who specializes in facial and cosmetic surgery. He has advanced degrees and training from some of the most selective universities in the country. After receiving his bachelors degree from Harvard University, he attended the NYU School of Medicine. While in New York, he worked at the Institute for Reconstructive Plastic Surgery under the direction of world-renowned faculty. Dr. Chang then completed a 6-year residency in Plastic Surgery at Yale University and later a fellowship in advanced craniofacial surgery for adults and children at the Johns Hopkins Hospital/University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center.

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"I had an amazing experience with Dr. Chang! I came to his office wanting to have lip injections. Initially, I was very nervous to have this procedure done because I had a bad experience at a different clinic in the past. However, Dr. Chang was very patient and understanding and he didn't pressure me to do the procedure if I wasn't ready. I talked with him about my concerns and also about what results I wanted; he was very friendly, personable, and really listened to me. I ended up having 1ml of Juvederm injected into my top and bottom lips combined; the procedure felt very relaxed - Dr. Chang really took his time and made sure my lips looked great and that they were symmetrical (which I appreciated). Afterwards, he told me to email him the next day to let him know how I was feeling, which I thought was really kind. It's now been two weeks since having the lip injections and I really love the results! My lips look very natural, symmetrical, with just the right amount of plumpness. I will definitely be going back to Dr. Chang for any other cosmetic procedures. He and his office staff are great and I had a wonderful experience!"

Review Verified on 11/4/2017
"Highly recommend Dr. Christopher Chang. I had a relatively minor procedure, that nonetheless required an 'artist's eye', and I am very pleased with the results. Dr. Chang's manner will both put you at ease, and inspire your confidence in him. It is immediately obvious that he cares about and is dedicated to his work. The surgical facility was spotless, modern and comfortable. The after-care has been excellent, and his office staff (both locations I visited) were friendly and professional."

Review Verified on 9/26/2017
"I've been looking into getting a breast augmentation for years now. Like all others, I really made sure to do my research. Once I found Dr. Chang and met with him for my first consultation, I knew immediately he was the surgeon I wanted to do my procedure with! He was very easy to talk to and straight to the point with things. If you had any questions he/his staff were happy to answer them. His staff was extremely professional and I felt comfortable around them. Dr. Chang wants the best for you, especially if you are looking for a "natural look." He recommended what he thought would look best on me and we compromised with his recommendations and my expectations. I was really nervous a day or two before the surgery, thinking maybe it wouldn't turn out to be what I wanted to look like...but I think everyone goes through this. The day of the procedure was calming - everyone was a pleasure to speak to and after waking up from the surgery I felt a little delusional (from the anesthesia of course) but shortly after felt okay! Maybe it's because I have a higher pain tolerance, or Dr. Chang is THAT good (or both!) but I didn't need many drugs besides some ibuprofen for slight pain. I'm about one week post-op and am super happy with the results so far. Any unsure thought I had previously has been proved wrong, and I am ecstatic about that! I would 100000% recommend Dr. Chang - you are in great hands with him. I can't wait to see what my breasts look like when they fully heal and settle. Definitely one of the best decisions I've made for myself :) Thank you Dr. Chang!"

Review Verified on 8/22/2017
"I am so thankful that I found Dr. Chang through Yelp. His ratings were all outstanding, and now I know why. I was immediately greeted by smiling faces and a friendly gentleman at the front desk. After a short wait, I was escorted to my room by a nurse who was absolutely the sweetest! I felt so comfortable, and all of my nervous thoughts (first timer here) just went away. After a couple of minutes, Dr. Chang came in and we discussed what I wanted. Talk about professional and extremely personable, I cannot imagine a better experience. I'd like to point out that I didn't really have a specific look in mind - my only expectation was that I wanted to look natural - so left it with Dr. Chang to work his magic. He guided me through my Botox and Juvederm injections and never once left me wondering about the procedure, next steps, or how to care for my new "work". It has been two weeks since I was in the office and I cannot express my gratitude for Dr. Chang and all of his staff. It's amazing how such a minor procedure can boost your confidence. Even considering another Plastic Surgeon makes me fearful, Dr. Chang is the best of the best!"

Review Verified on 8/3/2017
"Dr. Chang did an excellent job with my botox treatment. I had previously had trouble with drooping eyebrows from a different physician, but Dr. Chang took his time to make sure it turned out perfectly. I will definitely return."

Review Verified on 7/31/2017
"I am very satisfied with my whole experience with Dr. Chang . I went in to get Botox, he was patient and explained in detail what would be done and how long it would take to take full effect. This wasn't my first experience with botox, but it was my first time in Dr. Chang office and I am thoroughly satisfied. I can see great difference from past experiences. I also inquired about a possible a facelift procedure and he was very detailed while explaining. Will definitely recommend to my friends and comeback."

Review Verified on 6/25/2017
"Dr. Chang listened to my concerns today. He examined me and discussed what he saw and what his recommendations would be for me in the future. He is very nice, he spent a good amount of time with me and explained everything thoroughly. Because he does not participate with my insurance he sent a follow up email with dr.s that do. He was great and so is Dr. Dufresne! I give him 10 as well."

Review Verified on 6/13/2017
"Great staff! Made my child comfortable for their procedure. Healing nicely. Definitely will refer people to Dr. Chang."

Review Verified on 6/2/2017
"I got to see him even a few minutes before the appointment time . No waiting once I was called in. Doctor Chang was very thorough and answered all our questions."

Review Verified on 5/30/2017
"My review is about Dr. Chang! His bed side manner is the best! The treatment and explanation of procedures is excellent, this is the reason for my return to the office. I referred my niece to Dr. Chang and another plastic surgeon which I had used for procedures in the past, she chose Dr. Chang. Which I thought she might for the same reasons I have. My only compliant about the office is treatment from the receptionist. She could be a bit more friendly."

Review Verified on 5/23/2017
"Very gentle! Will listen to your opinion & will make you feel comfortable throughout the process. Defiantly the doctor to go to!"

Review Verified on 5/13/2017
"Best decision ever!!! I recently got Juverderm lip fillers for the first time 2 weeks ago and I absolutely LOVE them! Dr. Chang answered all my questions about the procedure during my consultation. Two days later I had my lip augmentation. I must admit the results were pretty AMAZING and I look forward in seeing Dr. Chang for my next procedure : )"

Review Verified on 5/6/2017
"I got my lip augumentation done with Dr.Chang. It was an amazing experience, he has a very good attitude, was very nice to me, exactly explained the whole process, also was professional and opened for my questions. Beside that the atmosphere in the entire office is very nice and pleasant. I recomend Dr. Chang !"

Review Verified on 5/2/2017
"I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Chang and his staff. I was nervous about my first time getting Botox, but I immediately felt at ease upon entering the office and being greeted by the receptionist. She even accommodated me showing up on the wrong day for my follow up appointment with no questions asked. Dr. Chang answered all of my questions and made me feel completely comfortable throughout the process. I am extremely happy with the results of my Botox in my forehead - smooth, but still natural looking. I would highly recommend Dr. Chang to anyone seeking similar services!"

Review Verified on 5/2/2017
"For my first time experiencing Botox, I am extremely happy with it! I thought that Dr. Chang took the time to sit and discuss things with me to ensure I felt comfortable, as well as the fact that he did not push or pressure me into anything at all. The nurse, Kelly, got to know me and I felt genuinely comfortable in the office. I will definitely be back in a couple months as well as look into other fillers or peels. Thank you!"

Review Verified on 4/12/2017
"When you want to shoot for the stars, you go elsewhere. When you want to shoot for the moon, you go to someone with ELITE credentials and that's Dr. Chang. He's not just a Plastic Surgeon but someone you can connect with on a human level. Check out some of the extraordinary work performed by him on missions to save children's lives. Impressive! With around thirty-two different face-lifting techniques currently in common practice Dr. Chang analyzes the scientific basis of each before altering his technique. Ultimately, the artistry comes from the hands of the Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Chang has no wand but hands that produce magical results. The aesthetics of facial beauty must be understood and followed as this becomes paramount in the creation of a naturally more attractive face. This is precisely why Dr. Chang is the very best choice for amazing results. There is no shortage of the "WOW FACTOR" I am grateful for such a wonderful experience. The office staff is well educated and serves every patient with an excellent attitude. Now my friend is booked for a face-lift. Is yours? CHOOSE DR.CHANG!!!!"

Review Verified on 4/8/2017
"Dr Chang is the best. I have had my botox and lip fillers done by him. I love the results because it looks natural. I feel beautiful every day. Thank you dr Chang ."

Review Verified on 3/31/2017
"I have had a great experience with Dr. Chang so far. I went to a few different Drs for consults before ultimately choosing Dr. Chang to preform surgery on my forehead. My scar is very small and it's healing well. He's very nice, doesn't rush the appointments, and explains everything in a way that was easy to understand. I've already recommended him to several people who also love going to him as well."

Review Verified on 3/31/2017
"Dr. Chang removed two moles from my face and I could not be happier with the experience or the results. I am extremely fair skinned - small acne marks can last for years - but just a few months out from the procedure and I have to look closely to find the tiny scars. The front office is well-run and pleasant, and the nurses put everyone at ease. Dr. Chang himself is among the nicest doctors you will ever meet - confident in his perceptions and medical advice, but not the least bit egotistical. I wish I had come in years ago (and I will certainly be back)!"

Review Verified on 2/13/2017
"From our first moment in Dr. Chang's office, we were assisted by professional, kind, and very capable staff. Dr. Chang is very relaxed, however, his professionalism, and knowledge of his specialty, are immediately apparent. He takes time to explain the treatment, procedure, and expectations for follow up care. I would not hesitate to recommend him, and his staff, to anyone looking for advice and help with plastic surgery. Grateful we were referred to him by our dermatologist."

Review Verified on 1/6/2017
"I was very nervous to have any kind of filler used on my face. Dr. Chang's office made this experience about as wonderful as it could be. When I emailed to make a consultation appointment, I was met with an immediate reply, which was quickly transferred into a consultation. Upon my visit, I was greeted immediately and waited hardly any time at all. Finally, Dr. Chang's demeanor and attitude while seeing me were absolutely awesome. He treated me very respectfully and had a great sense of humor. I really enjoyed visiting with him during my consultation. So I decided to go ahead and get my lips filled after my consult during the same visit. It was great that they scheduled enough time to do that. So far my lips are looking amazing and I could not be more thrilled with the result. I'm hooked. DC is a big, intimidating area... finding professionals you enjoy working with is a big deal... especially for someone from a small town like myself. There are dozens of plastic surgeons in the area... but I am so glad I found Dr. Chang. I'm happy to support his practice and will definitely be referring anyone and everyone who asks to him."

Review Verified on 12/20/2016
"I appreciated Dr. Chang's care and expertise in solving a rather difficult situation concerning skin grafting on a large section of my nose. This was necessary to repair an area of multiple surgeries performed by another surgeon in the excision of skin cancers. I thank Dr. Chang for his excellent work."

Review Verified on 11/29/2016
"I am so happy with Dr. Chang and his staff. Everyone was pleasant, knowledgeable, and had my best interests in mind. I can tell they truly care about their patients and all of the work they put in lead to an easy procedure and recovery. The entire process was better than imagined and my results look fantastic. I got my procedure done on a morning before a holiday and Dr. Chang still checked in with me to make sure everything was going well, which was greatly appreciated! The comfort level with my doctor was the most important factor for me, and Dr. Chang and his staff definitely provide that in every way."

Review Verified on 11/28/2016
"This is not my first experience with Dr Chang and certainly not my last. I wouldn't want anyone else to touch my lips. Dr. Chang has an impeccable eye for achieving the perfect aesthetic look. He takes into consideration my goals for the procedure and treats me with professionalism and respect. Dr. Chang used 2 syringes of Volbella. I experienced less swelling with this product compared to products I've used in the past. The product looks smooth and natural in my lips. I experienced minimal to no bruising and went to dinner the same day I had the procedure done. Dr Changs technique is almost painless, I only experienced some mild discomfort. I couldn't be happier with the end result. I love the way my lips look and I love Dr. Chang."

Review Verified on 11/10/2016
"Awesome experence all the way from presurgery through follow up. Dr. Chang always takes time to answer my questions and I never sit in the waiting room past appointment time. I would highly recommend Dr. Chang"

Review Verified on 11/1/2016
"Dr. Chang and staff were great!"
"Dr Chang is amazing, it was my first time ever doing any procedure so i was very nervous about getting lip fillers but Dr. Chang made me feel very relaxed and took the time to explain everything to me. He was very patient with me since i did have a lot of questions and concerns. Even after the procedure i emailed him questions and he was always so quick to respond. I will definitely be back for fillers or any other procedures i need in the future, and will be recommending him to all my family and friends!"

Review Verified on 10/20/2016
"Dr. Chang is the best! I went to his office yesterday for lip augmentation and I am very very happy with the results! I was nervous and panicked like everyone else for the first time, but Dr. Chang made sure he walked me through everything. He knows what he is doing and he is very knowledgable. On top of that he will be honest with you, but will do exactly what you want. The nurse and rest of his staff was professional, nice, polite and provided a great customer service. I love my lips, it was painless and I will definitely go back to visit Dr. Chang again."

Review Verified on 10/15/2016
"Such a great experience with no pain! Thank you Dr. Chang for making me feel so comfortable and look great!"

Review Verified on 10/8/2016
"Dr. Chang is one of the best plastic surgeons, he really cares about his patients and makes sure that his patients are satisfied."

Review Verified on 8/11/2016
"I was referred to Dr Chang by my dermatologist to do a surgery on my scalp. I was very impressed with him and his staff. They were personable and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend him."

Review Verified on 7/26/2016
"I met Dr. Chris Chang in the ER on May 4, 2015. I had suffered a concussion, a broken nose, large gash across the forehead and a split upper lip! Dr. Chang was outstanding, kind and gentle as he repaired my face. I think the best statement I can make about his work is that 6 weeks later people were telling me that I looked like nothing had happened at all. That is a great testament to his skill. During follow-up visits I found him to be most informative, answering every question and even fitting me in for an unscheduled visit. His office staff was at all times helpful, friendly, pleasant and courteous."

Review Verified on 7/19/2016
"Alicia the esthetician is AMAZING! She gave me hands down the best microdermabrasion treatment I've ever experienced! She's so knowledgable about anything skin related that it instantly puts you at ease. She gave me a regimen to follow after the treatment and a ton of information about my keeping my skin looking great :) Dr. Chang is also amazing, I felt very comfortable after the consultation and my new lips look INCREDIBLE! Cannot recommend this place enough!! If I could give 100 stars I would!!"

Review Verified on 6/17/2016
"Dr. Chang was able to see me the day I called and he spent time and explained my situation in great detail. He was careful to show me what to use on my scraped up face, gave me a list of things to get at the drug store and was very reassuring and kind. I could not have been more pleased. His office was attractive and calming, his staff very helpful and efficient. All in all it was a very pleast introduction to the practice. I loved seeing the 3-D imaging and having it explained in great detail, It was fascinating, A very nice experience,"

Review Verified on 6/13/2016
"I initially met Dr. Chang in the ER after my accident and from there set up appointments in his office for further treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Chang and his staff to individuals in need of a professional and experienced plastic surgeon in the DMV area. I had a great experience from the moment I entered his office - being greeted by his receptionist and assistant - both of which were very professional in all aspects of their job. I was very insecure and worrisome about my recent facial scar but Dr. Chang and his assistant were very reassuring in all of my concerns. The entire staff was very personable - which is something very important to a patient being treated with facial wounds. Dr. Chang had more than gladly addressed all of my concerns and questions about the entire process - I never felt pressured or rushed during my appointments - something that most patients have a conflict with in seeing their physicians. Aside from that, I have received excellent medical care and within 4 months have seen phenomenal results in my recovery. Dr. Chang is an expert in his field and I highly recommend him to all inquiring individuals. Thank you."

Review Verified on 5/2/2016
"I had had a pretty significant orbital break and blowout on Sunday Aug 30, 2015. Dr. Chang was absolutely wonderful from the initial diagnose and discussion, pre-op, post-op, hospital visits and follow-ups, and many post-op office visits and emails to both me and my wife. Dr. Chang did an excellent job with my surgery. People cannot tell I had the accident at all, which could have left me visibly disfigured if not for Dr. Chang's excellent surgical skills. Dr. Chang was also genuinely concerned in my healing progress making time for many follow up appointments, sending many emails on my progress and healing process, and contacting my strabismus specialist several times to consult with her on my care. Dr. Change was always very kind and patient, never making my wife and I feel rushed, nor did we ever sense he was rushed. He always calmly, clearly, and professionally answered any and all of our questions. He was very quick to answer emails, usually the same day. I highly recommend him. Thank you Dr. Chang for taking such wonderful care of me!"

Review Verified on 4/30/2016
"I had breast implant and lift revision surgery with Dr. Chang. The entire experience was so positive. The office staff couldn't have been more helpful each time I called for appointments and/or questions. Dr. Chang made me comfortable right from the start. His nurse Kelly was very informative and comforting, and helped me with a few of my decisions. Dr. Chang took the time to understand my concerns, and to understand completely what my expectations were. I had things about my first surgery that I was not pleased with, and he made a point to make sure these issues were corrected. In the end, I am 100% satisfied with my results. I couldn't be happier. I am glad for the relationship I have formed with this practice. If I ever have a need for their services in the future I would not hesitate to go to Dr. Chang."

Review Verified on 4/26/2016
"I am writing this review for Dr. Chang behalf my dad, who underwent a major reconstructive surgery after the removal of stage 4 oral cancer. Dr. Chang is the BEST doctor in the entire DMV area, in fact on the entire east coast. He is very professional but personable and caring at the same time. My dad was hospitalized for a month and no matter how busy Dr. Chang was he came to check on my dad almost every single day (even on the weekends) to make sure he was healing well. When my dad was discharged from the hospital he provided us with his cell phone number to contact him if my dad was experiencing any problems or for any other concerns. When we did contact Dr. Chang on his cell phone, a number of different times, he was very prompt w/his response. My dad couldn’t have asked for a better doctor and he says he would feel comfortable having Dr. Chang perform any surgery on him. We trust his judgment 100%. Also, he always answered a million of our questions thoroughly and really took his time to make sure that we completely understood what we were asking and ensured us that everything was going to be ok. My dad has been seeing Dr. Chang for his follow ups at the office and I must say the staff at his office is so welcoming and friendly. Also, he always works with you to schedule your appointment even if he has meetings set for a day that works for the patient but not him he will make sure to squeeze you in for an appointment for the day you asked for. There is no doubt he cares for his patients and always puts them first. Our experience with Dr. Chang from his practice to the surgical room has been PERFECT!!! We cannot say enough good things about Dr. Chang and his great work ethics and off course his wonderful team. You are truly a blessing to the field of medicine and we really appreciate all that you have done for our family. Last but not least, if you ever have to undergo a plastic surgery just know that DR.CHANG IS THE ONE!!! Thank you so much for everything Dr. Chang and the entire team."

Review Verified on 4/4/2016
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